Peaceful Nights Make Peaceful Marriages


Peaceful SleepYou spend a third of your life in bed. So it makes sense to aim to remain as comfortable and happy in the bedroom as possible. This is easy to do when you’re single but once you get married, some issues may need to be addressed.

Case #1: Not Quite the Nightingale

Wouldn’t you just love it if the only sound you hear at night are either the evening serenade of nature resting? Or would you prefer complete silence? What if the sounds you hear are right next to you…and it’s your spouse, snoring? It keeps you up all night and, deprived of restful sleep, the quality of your life just drops from there.

Case #2: Cuddling is good, isn’t it?

Studies have shown that couples who cuddle to sleep feel more relaxed and secure. Unfortunately, enforced cuddling isn’t part of that. Another issue couples may face is having a too small bed. This can be a problem for people who spread out or tend to roll around when they sleep. Suddenly, the floor looks a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

Simple Solutions

You can always go old school and sleep in separate rooms, but many cultures did away with that over a century ago. Besides, it’s not quite the most romantic arrangement. So if that is not the route you want to take, buying a king size bed and mattress in Salt Lake City may be what you need.

With a bigger bed, you and your spouse have the space to twist and turn on as well as the choice to cuddle. Prices for a king size is dependent on the manufacturer. To save on delivery fees, find a supplier near you: Salt Lake City has plenty to choose from! 

Talk It Over

Sleeping arrangements are affected by many factors, not just sound and space. Talk about what works best for your lifestyle and adapt to each other. It is just as important to communicate and be frank about your needs and wants. Avoiding misunderstandings is the best way to live your life happily as a couple. Well, that…and a good night’s sleep.

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