From Attraction to Conversion: Shop Improvements that Boost Sales

Shop Improvements

Shop ImprovementsAre you having trouble bringing customers in despite the quality of the products you sell? Your target demographic may not be paying much attention or your advertising efforts may not be specific enough to convert or attract customers. Certain strategies will enable you to reach your sales goals and gain loyal consumers.

Go Hyperlocal

With the advent of mobile devices, many shoppers use their phones to find places to eat and shop. Several searches use the phrase “near me”. Going hyperlocal enables you to reduce advertising expense and target a specific audience that is looking for what you offer. Prospective customers that are within the vicinity of your store may find you as the ads you create are for them.

Quality Over Quantity

With the help of people counting software, you are able to monitor the number of persons that come and go from your shop. The numbers allow you to make improvements that will convert passersby. The data you gather enables you to ascertain which areas in your shop need a renovation, proper lighting or better layout.

Lighting Matters

Would anyone want to shop in a dark and dreary place? The lighting creates a mood and may influence a person’s decision to buy. Use lights to highlight certain parts or products, or elicit emotions from the people that enter. Combine task, accent and layered lighting to suit the design of your store for maximum effect.

Spruce Up the Façade

The exterior of your shop will make the first impression, so make sure the experience counts by providing of a glimpse of what your store is about through its façade. Use colors, graffiti or other artworks to display personality. This creates an association of certain colors or attitude to who you are as a brand, which creates a stronger connection with your intended audience.

These strategies enable you to convert passersby into paying customers. Always choose quality over quantity when you target a specific market.

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