Every Reason to Get Dental Implants in Southampton


Getting dental implants in Southampton can seem like a huge investment and one that perhaps it might not be worth making, especially in these times of austerity. Dental implants have been around for more than 30 years, but it is only in the last decade or so that their use has reached critical mass and they have become mainstream. There’s a good reason why they have become so popular. It is because dental implants offer great benefits that other methods of tooth replacement cannot supply.

In the 30 or so years since dental implants in Southampton became available, dentists and researchers have experimented with them to find great techniques and add-on treatments that make them more effective and available to a wider range of patients. Today, they are available from various dentists including Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic.

It’s All In The Jawbone

The main difference between dental implants and either dentures or fixed bridgework is that dental implants are embedded in the jawbone, just like real teeth. They have a root as well as a crown. This gives stability that the other 2 cannot muster and having new roots in the jawbone also helps protect its integrity, keeping the bone cells in a state of renewal so that the jawbone remains strong and dense. Without tooth roots to stimulate cell renewal, the jawbone starts to break itself down, becoming much smaller and more pointy and causing the face to collapse in on itself.

A Better Chew

By being connected to artificial roots, the crowns of dental implants in Southampton can withstand far more chewing pressure than dentures. They can take whatever natural teeth can take, in terms of chewing force, which means that patients can continue to eat foods that have become off limits for denture-wearers.

Longer Lasting

Dental implants can last for decades if they are well taken care of. The mortal enemy of dental implants is plaque, which causes gum disease. So, as long as patients are careful to brush twice a day and attend regular plaque removal sessions with the hygienist, there is no reason for the implants to wear out. The porcelain crowns may wear out and need replacing however.

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