Even Tiny Kitchens Could be Models of Efficiency and Organisation

Couple preparing food

Just because your kitchen's prep space is only enough for one chef doesn't mean you can no longer have a bit of fun. Even with a less than ideal amount of space for both cleaning and cooking, there are still several ways you can turn your kitchen into your favourite spot at home, whether you're building from scratch or thinking about having a huge kitchen makeover. Turn your tiny kitchen into an efficient space for food preparation without sacrificing style. Make your small kitchen apartment feel a lot more spacious by following these design concepts:

Subtlety is key

Among the most popular design trends for kitchens in 2020 are the concealed types. Because more and more stylish options get introduced every year, a lot of homeowners have overlooked what the initial purpose of their kitchen cabinets – storage. This can also be said for kitchen appliances, whether you buy them in Melbourne, Victoria or in Sydney, New South Wales. Your options include chic, sleek looking items that blend effectively with the rest of the kitchen decor. With effective use of textures, both your living and dining rooms will feel more cohesive. If you want to achieve that spacious feel, many interior designers recommend camouflaging certain areas of the kitchen, such as the work areas, to keep the entire structure hidden yet still appealing.

You only need one wall.

The one-wall design is a popular choice for many homeowners with smaller living spaces. To achieve a more open kitchen, the entire cabinet system and appliances all run along a single wall. This, however, can be quite tricky. Because bulkier items such as the sink, fridge, and cooktop take up most of the space, designers have to be careful to make sure there's still enough left for food preparation. Get a wheeled butcher's block if your budget permits or use your dining table as an additional workspace.

Add some strategically placed mirrors.

It's not just your living room. Even your kitchen walls can benefit from some well-mounted mirrors. Not only will this free up some floor space in your home, but they can also create the illusion of a much bigger space. When you're preparing delicious meals, you can use the mirror to check if anything is going on behind you while you're busy. This effect will also make it seem like you have an additional window, adding to that larger feel.

Finally, get those multipurpose utensils. Since you'll be spending money on those cookware, appliances, and utensils, make the most out of your money and use these items as both functional pieces that you can also leave on display to up the aesthetics in your kitchen. How about building a magnetic wall strip where you can mount all your knives for a nice display? Also, how about getting some stack of ceramic bowls that you can neatly put on display on your open shelves for that nice touch of elegance a space as busy as your kitchen certainly needs.

Consider having a magnetic wall strip and mount all your knives there. Also, get a matching set of mixing bowls in either colourful ceramics or commercial stainless steel that will look neat when stacked on your open shelves. You can easily grab them if you need them or leave them looking pretty for that touch of elegance in your kitchen.

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