Earn Money and Exercise Environmental Responsibility with Metal Scraps


Improper Metal Disposal in AucklandNew Zealand homeowners should be aware of their environmental responsibility and the importance of responsible waste management. The benefits extend from human communities to the physical world where you live. At the heart of waste management is recycling solid wastes, particularly waste products made from metals such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and iron.

Recycling solid wastes

Since almost 80% of an average automobile is made from metal, it is total waste letting usable parts rust away and corrode. Metal wastes take up space in landfills. Eventually, the cars, appliances and electronics equipment dumped there will leech harmful compounds into the soil and groundwater.

Recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals is one way of easing the stresses on the environment. Using virgin steel in manufacturing leads to problems related to water usage, water pollution and air pollution. The negative effects can be minimised by using recycled products.

Collecting metal scraps for recycling

In Auckland, scrap metal drop-off centres and recycling facilities accept a wide range of items. In exchange for junk, you will get cash for the scraps you bring in for recycling. Metalsalvage.co.nz recommends asking the local recyclers what they consider acceptable, so you will know which items in the basement are worth selling.

Generally, recyclers accept steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper. All these metals can be recycled without degradation of their innate qualities. A significant percentage of the raw materials used in steelmaking and copper processing come from scraps. Aside from lower costs on raw materials, manufacturers favour recycled metal because they utilise less amounts of fuel to process. For example, scrap aluminium will melt at 660 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, a furnace has to heat up to around 900 degrees Celsius to melt virgin aluminium.

Scrap buyers collect, weight, sort and sell their wares to metal manufacturers. Take advantage of the continuing demand for metal parts. Selling scrap metal is a good way to earn extra money while exercising environmental responsibility.

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