Disposing Hazardous Waste: Guidelines That Every Company Owner Must Know


Both the business and private sectors in the United States are mandated by law to dispose of their chemical wastes properly. When hazardous waste is not eliminated according to the guidelines set by environmental authorities, it can pose a dangerous threat to the health of humans and environment.

Proper disposal begins with accurately identifying the type of waste you have. However, this can be a long and winding process. It helps if you will work with the chemical waste disposal experts, such as Enviro Care Inc., to help you identify your waste and get rid of them in a manner that adheres to the law.

Some of the most important guidelines you need to know when disposing of hazardous waste include the following:

  1. Use the right containers.

Choose containers made from a material that will not weaken or react when they come in contact with your waste. For solvents, such as gasoline, do not use lightweight plastic materials such as milk jugs. For hydrofluoric acid, do not use glass containers. And for acids and containers, avoid storing them in metal.

  1. Choose your waste storage area wisely.

The chemical waste disposal service you hire should be able to help you in picking a safe location for your hazardous waste. At the very least, waste should be stored in an area near where it is generated and should be under the close supervision of waste technicians.

  1. Label your waste properly.

Before you use the container to store your hazardous waste, attach a “hazardous waste” tag. Also, do not remove the original product label on the container, since waste technicians will need to know what was in the product before it was tagged hazardous waste.

  1. Consider all “unknown” hazardous.

It is best to avoid tagging any waste as “unknown,” since it takes a lot of care and caution for waste technicians to handle them. However, if you really cannot identify a chemical, use the “unknown” tag and include every other information about it that you know, such as where the material was discovered and the age of the material.

Disposing of hazardous wastes properly is crucial. By being mindful of special disposal techniques, you can reduce the risk that comes with the waste.

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