Identifying the Right Forklift for Your Needs


Forklifts in New Zealand Forklifts are much-needed equipment in warehouses, storage facilities and construction sites. You can either buy or hire a forklift if you need one, but before you do so, you must know what type of forklift is right for your application. You may be a new businessman, a first-time construction project manager, or a new industrial facility manager. This guide will help you decide.

The Counterbalance

A counterbalance lift is the most common type of forklift. It has simple controls and uses two forks in front and a weight at the back to offset the load being carried. The counterbalance lift is perfect for basic forklift functions in construction sites and warehouses with low levels of storage.

The Reach

When you handle a high volume or quantity of materials in your warehouse or storage facility, you can choose a reach forklift truck instead. This type features an extended lift height. You can use a reach lift for high rise pallet racking. You can choose between different types, including double-deep and stand-up lifts.

The Order Picker

Businesses have a warehouse process called order picking. During the process, workers collect items to be packaged and shipped in fulfilment of customer orders. As a business owner, you can buy or hire an order picker forklift. This type of forklift allows a worker to operate the truck and be lifted up along with loads.

The Pedestrian

When it comes to transporting loads at ground level, you can rely on the pedestrian operated pallet truck. It is simply a low forklift truck operated manually. You can likewise choose a stand-on pallet truck, which is motorised for convenience and efficiency.

Now that you know about forklift types, you can better pick the equipment you need for your facility. You can shop for a forklift among the vendors here in Auckland that also offer forklift maintenance and forklift transportation. Make sure you are buying or hiring only from a trustworthy company.

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