Since They’ve Been Gone: How Are Your Finances?


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Whether you were married for nine months or seventy years, divorce is never easy. Anyone with a first-hand experience understands the emotional toll, but are not too keen on its effect on their finances. The divorce itself costs a lot, which leaves both parties scrambling towards their new financial reality.

The financial aftermath of the divorce is a big blur of uncertainty for the first-timer. Now that the spouse is out of the picture, how can they support the bills and personal expenses on their own?

For Rapid Legal Solutions, a law firm, careful planning combined with pro-activity enables divorcees to get back on track quickly.

The Post-Divorce Financial Plan

Divorce entails the separation of everything, which includes your finances. Once you untangle yours from your ex-spouse’s, it’s time to develop a plan.

Start by reviewing your current finances; look at the documents and list them all down – expenses, income, liabilities and assets. Use the gathered data to create a realistic budget, which serves as one of the best tools to keep you on track.

Does your income exceed the expenses? If so, use the difference to pay out all bills and debts as quickly as possible. If the scenario is otherwise, cut down on unnecessary expenditures or try to earn more. As long as you stick to the plan, you will be fine.

Rebuilding the Credit

Once you finalise the plan, start rebuilding your finances. This step involves improving credit-worthiness; it might sound overwhelming, but worry not – you have plenty of options. It starts with paying the bills on time and working out your debts one by one.

Also, do not forget to check your credit score regularly. Doing so spares you from the consequences of errors and potential fraud, or allows you to enjoy surprise perks.

Prioritise Wise Investments

If you have enough savings, do not let the divorce hinder you from making the money work to your advantage. Smart investments are one of the best ways to grow your savings without getting too overwhelmed. Since your situation changed drastically, tread the field lightly, but do not be afraid to try.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed after the divorce, but how you respond makes a difference. Get your finances working and live a happy and independent life.

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