Deter Mosquitoes and Flies By Putting Plants

Indoor Plants in Auckland

Indoor Plants in AucklandAerosols and electric insect traps are not the only convenient solutions for bug problems. Putting specific plants around your house or office can help deter mosquitoes and flies.

Businesses like Allbrite Services Ltd and others that offer pest control services are familiar with this. That is why some of them provide plant hire, too.

Here are eight plants that you can use to repel mosquitoes and flies:

1. Basil

This good-tasting herb has a role other than that of a culinary essential. Plant it in pots and place it near picnic tables and doorways to fend off flies and mosquitoes. Water it at the roots and not on the leaves, so it can produce a stronger scent. But, if you cannot really get a fresh plant, dried basil will also help.

2. The ‘Mozzie Buster’ pelargonium

This has the genes of citronella. It provides a strong lemon scent that wards off mosquitoes. It is ideal to place outdoors where children usually play.

3. Mints

Mints such as pennyroyal and spearmint conceal the natural scent of humans that attracts mosquitoes. It shoos away not just mosquitoes, but also mice and ants. Pennyroyal, however, is not safe for pregnant women.

4. Lavender

This ornamental plant looks good as a decoration, but it can also deter mosquitoes. It has the heavenly fragrance that people love. And fortunately, the same sweet smell drives away moths, flies and fleas.

5. Bay

Bay leaf is a common ingredient for some recipes and has medicinal value, too. But, it also gives off a subtle scent flies hate. Even mice, moth and roaches hate the smell, too.

6. Catnip

Catnips exhibit mosquito repelling ability that is ten times better than typical insect repellant products.

7. Marigold

This fancy-coloured plant has a pungent smell that mosquitoes and other insects hate. This is often used in vegetable gardens.

8. Rosemary

Rosemary is a common aromatic herb used for cooking, but it also contains oils that mosquitoes hate.

Putting plants in your house can be the safest for your health and the best for your sight. They do not produce harmful chemicals and, at the same time, decorate your house with relaxing greens, too.

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