Complete Dental Healthcare All Under One Roof


a dentist in her clinicFor busy Londoners finding the time to see the dentist can be a challenge. The commute out to zone 4 or further to see a dentist local to home already eats up half a day. That’s when having a dental clinic in W1 can make a big difference.

A central London dental clinic in W1, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, can provide a full range of dental services that patients can access before, during or after their working day thanks to early opening and late closing.

What’s on offer?

At the heart of a modern dental clinic in W1 is preventive dentistry. Coming in for regular dental check-ups means the teeth can get a good scale and polish with the dental hygienist, while the dentist can check for early signs of dental disease and get treatment started as soon as possible.

If a dental disease has already done some damage, a W1 dental clinic is kitted out with the tools to carry out restorative treatment. Experienced dentists can resolve infection of the teeth with root canal treatment, restore decayed teeth with fillings and crowns, and replace missing teeth with dental implants, dentures or bridges.

Ensuring teeth and gums stay healthy is the first priority of a dentist. But they can do more with cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes even healthy teeth lose their shine due to years of drinking coffee and wine, smoking, or even taking certain medications. Teeth whitening can remove surface stains, while veneers can cover over stains that can’t be lifted off with whitening and can also disguise chips and cracks.

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just bring aesthetic benefits. Treatment with clear braces or aligners, for example, can straighten out crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. This makes them easier to clean and keep free from dental disease, for a healthier smile.

More than just teeth

A W1 dental clinic can help patients complement their healthy smiles with a fresher, younger looking face thanks to facial aesthetics. From chemical peels to Botox, there are lots of ways to rejuvenate the face without going under the knife and a dentist has the requisite skills to administer these treatments safely and effectively.

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