Common Locum Tenens Physician Jobs In The US


The shortage of physicians has become a growing crisis in the United States. This has resulted to decreased patient interaction, which has ultimately led to poor disease evaluation and management. Due to the rising need for doctors in various specializations, most healthcare institutions hire locum tenens physicians to ensure effective medical care. Nowadays, locum physician jobs are available in several fields of medicine.

Pediatrics Locum Tenens Jobs

Pediatrics is a diverse field of medicine that requires prompt treatment of illnesses. Most cases include cough, colds, fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Hence, it is the locum physician’s job to address the patient’s symptoms such as nasal discharge, difficulty of breathing, and lack of appetite. Providing the proper drug concentration based on the patient’s age and weight is also essential to prevent overdose. Indications for admission such as excessive weakness, inability to tolerate oral feeding, and persistent fever also require immediate management by a locum physician.

Rehabilitation Medicine Locum Tenens Jobs

Doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine determine the appropriate techniques to restore mobility and alleviate pain. It is the locum physician’s responsibility to provide the necessary exercises and treatment modalities to address the concerns of postoperative patients. He also determines the need for modern devices such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), therapeutic ultrasound, and cold therapy to promote tissue healing.

Obstetrics Locum Tenens Jobs

Since labor and delivery may occur anytime within the day, it is vital to have locum tenens obstetricians in your institution. Obstetricians must know how to perform normal spontaneous delivery, assisted delivery, and a cesarean section based on the progress of labor. Induction of uterine contractions and use of cervical ripening agents are also important to facilitate ease of delivery.

The Bottom Line

Lack of physicians in a healthcare institution has a negative impact on holistic patient care. Thus, hiring locum tenens physicians is an effective solution to ensure appropriate workup for patient management. Medical specialists also provide a comprehensive approach regarding conservative and surgical treatment options to aid fast recovery.

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