The Truth About Baby Bottles And Fruit Juice

Baby with a Sippy Cup

A mum came under fire recently over an Instagram photo she posted. The image showed her two-year-old daughter holding a bottle. Whilst some people praised the mother for allowing her child to play outside, others fussed over the girl’s baby bottle that contained juice. The concerned individuals expressed their discontent with the mother's parenting skills, mentioning that the baby bottle and juice can lead to tooth decay.

Truth in the Outrage

Are the concerned fans right about the baby bottle and juice? According to the Public Health England (PHE), they may be right. A study made by the PHE in 2014 found out that children under three years old needed multiple extractions because of tooth decay. Fruit juices and baby bottles are the main culprits.

Too Much Sugar

Fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar, even the ones labelled as “organic”. Paired with a baby bottle, the juice can coat teeth and cause them to rot. This decay can even spread to adjacent teeth. The damage may occur more quickly if your child falls asleep with a sweetened drink in a bottle in his or her mouth.

Treat Decay Immediately

When your child experiences pain in the mouth or you notice signs of decay, you must bring him or her to a paediatric dentist or an orthodontist in Liverpool. A qualified professional can deal with the decay through endodontic therapy or treatment. In a worst-case scenario, your child’s teeth may be extracted, or the damaged teeth may be treated with white fillings.

Prevent Decay Early

As a parent, you can protect your child’s teeth by regulating the amount of sugary drinks he or she consumes. You can likewise teach your child the proper way of brushing the teeth at an early age.

Your child's oral health depends on how you take care of him or her. Guide your little one towards the right direction and teach the proper way of caring for the teeth and gums. Regular visits to the dentist will likewise help prevent oral problems from developing.

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