Chimney Caps: Keeping Nature Outside Your Home

Home Safety

Home Safety in UtahChimneys provide ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from the fireplace. In the past, fireplaces were used for cooking, heating water and other domestic activities. Modern fireplaces and chimneys are now also used for indoor heating and to create a relaxing ambiance in the living area.

Chimneys are still a fixture in modern houses, creating a warm atmosphere in the residence. As much as they expel hot air and smoke from the house, though, they can also let things enter the home.

Chimney caps are a small installation that you can add in your home, which could prevent small animals or moisture from entering., offering quality metal fabrication in Utah, suggests putting metal chimney caps that would blend well with the home’s exterior design.

Prevent Animals from Entering

In cooler months, Santa Claus is not the only visitor who enters a home through the chimney. Animals on your roof will want to get warm around the chimney. Some may even make their nests close to or inside it. Squirrels and other critters that build nests may block the path of air or smoke. When not allowed to exit, these gases could back up into the room and cause soot damage or carbon monoxide poisoningChimney caps keep these critters out the chimney and prevent such accidents.

Divert Moisture Away from the Chimney

When moisture from rain, snow or ice get mixed up with soot in the chimney flue, it can cause structural problems within the chimney. The melting ice and snow can damage the walls and cause it to crack during winter months. The freeze-and-thaw situation could also lead to costly repairs of your chimney. Excess moisture can be diverted away from the chimney with a cap.

Chimney caps are minor and inexpensive additions to your home structure. The small metal can protect your chimney from small animal invasion and premature deterioration of your chimney. This smart installation can save thousands of dollars in chimney repairs and home damage expenses.

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