Cards Against Humanity: Horrible Game, Awesome Website



Cards Against Humanity is a twisted game people love. Think Apples to Apples, but for players with NSFW type of humour. No wonder it earned the ‘A Party Game for Horrible People’ tag; it deserves it.

While the game is not for everyone, how the website sells it is a good example of effective ecommerce design. Apart from the easy-to-use platform, it’s also fun and stands out from others. Best of all, the site and the branding fit perfectly.

PerthWebDesign, a local expert, recommends taking note of the brand’s strategy. Experts on e-commerce website design should take a little dip in this pool of NSFW-ness.

Simple is Better

The site’s homepage lacks flashy gimmicks, which wins a number of customers. It’s simple yet effective. Below the header is a link to download printable versions or buy the main game, followed by a set of instructions.

There is also a showcase of other products: special edition packs, expansion packs and The Bigger, Blacker Box. Users can also sign up for the newsletter, learn more about other CAH products and browse through the FAQs.

One of the most amusing details is the form that encourages visitors to suggest a card idea — a great way to engage more users.

Why it’s Awesome

Despite the numerous functional, easy-to-use and effective e-commerce sites out there, Cards Against Humanity stands out.

The site fits perfectly with the company’s overall brand and values. The tone is also an echo of the game’s overall tone. Considering the massive following of CAH, this type of synergy works well with users. People who hate or love the game will love the site more.

Players who can’t get enough can also enjoy the CAH Tumblr blog, complete with funny emails they receive, game updates and more.

The Main Takeaway

What’s the lesson here? The CAH site encourages brands to think about their target market’s opinions on an enjoyable shopping experience. That’s where the game excelled: looking for a niche that fits customers.

Cards Against Humanity might be a horrible game, but it continues to win at sales, as well as in the game of website design.

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