Boost Safety: An Automatic Gate for Your Property


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Do you have a gate in your residential or commercial property? You can make your gate become automated with the use of electric gate openers. An automatic gate provides convenience and easier accessibility to your property. You can forget about opening the gate yourself or by someone else. Additionally, automatic gates can have safety features that will make your property more secure.

Responsive Service

When you want to have your gate automated, you first have to find the right gate company. Think of several factors, like the responsiveness of the company. A good company responds to inquiries and follow-up questions in a timely fashion.

Clear Estimates

Another factor to consider is the clarity and content of estimates that companies will provide. You can check if the estimate not only includes installation, but also gate maintenance and emergency repair. The labor and equipment costs must also be part of it. You can check for other fees in the estimate, as well.

Reasonable Price

Of course, the price is a contributing factor when choosing a gate company. Tri State Gate recommends shopping around for bids and choosing a reasonable price rather than the lowest bid. Compare prices and see their differences. Perhaps one bid includes something that others don’t.

Swing or Slide

Apart from choosing the right gate company, you have to take care of the specifics of your automatic gate. First, decide whether you want a swinging gate or a sliding gate. Both types are equally good; your choice will simply depend on your taste.

AC, Solar, or Battery

Next, you can think about what to power your gate with. You can choose AC power, of course, yet solar power and battery power are also ideal options. You can use solar power along with battery backups for instances when solar power is not available, as well.

Apart from the two previous areas, you still have to think about safety features, external interfaces, and the warranty. When you have gone through all of these areas, you finally have your automatic gate.

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