Baking up a Business: Different Types of Bakery Shops


Bakery ShopBakeries bring to mind cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and rolls. These things can make many mouths water and come back for seconds. If you feel confident with your baking and business skills, why not invest in your own bakery business?

Online Based – With the help of the Internet, you could serve customers across the county while working at home. Setting up a website is easy nowadays and you or a business associate (read: friend) can create a whole blog for your promotions. Remember to place your menu, contact details, delivery and payment options, and your hours of service. Reviewing the Food Act can help you, too.

Home Cafe – If you can find Auckland property rentals that can function as your residence and your business at the same time, then that would be a better deal for a startup. If you have limited options, Prestige Real Estate International LTD recommends asking a property adviser for an affordable commercial space. Hire competent staff, get quality ingredients, and advertise constantly. Acquire the appropriate sanitation permits and business licenses too. Remember that more loyal customers you gain, the faster your ROI will be.

Over the Counter – A rented slot at the mall or a cart can suffice for an over-the-counter bakery. What you need is to prepare your goods before the sun rises, deliver it, and sell them until your supply runs out. You can do this as an extension of your home cafe or online-based store. This is likewise a good opportunity to sell experimental flavours for your small and medium-sized pastries, such as cupcakes, mini-cakes and solo sweets.

Sweets can make people feel good at the end of a rough day. There will be those who would look to fill their bellies with desserts after all. Make the most of this need and find space to set up your bakery today.

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