Apple’s Marketing Secret: Encourage Customer Loyalty


appleBy now, anything someone will say about Steve Jobs may not have that much impact. You see, Steve Jobs has risen to legendary status; it’s almost impossible to put him a notch higher.

He’s the person who conceptualized the iPad even when another company had the idea years before. Yes, Nokia’s former chief designer admitted he had the concept all along. Only it didn’t reach fruition. And everything is now history, how millions have become Apple followers.

Making Faster Horses

It takes a giant to know another giant.

Steve Jobs quoting Henry Ford made that apparent. Both men were legends of entrepreneurship and marketing in their time.

In the Apple founder’s words on product excellence: “There’s a great quote by Henry Ford, right? He said, ‘If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘A faster horse’.”

The iPad was conceived without a single consumer research done. It could have been a marketing nightmare. But no, iPad and its smaller brother iPhone proceeded to become killer products.

Spreading the Faith

Effective marketing goes beyond getting consumers. It creates a loyal following who will market your product — for free. Online forums reveal that.

And as says, “Appearances are everything to businesses.” Any Apple-sponsored events with the company’s logo plastered on memorabilia and on pop-up canopy tents reveal it’s not just a gathering of ordinary fans, but of an army of loyal followers. And this only encourages more people to try Apple products.

Eventually, it took Jobs and his confidence to put the product to market, leveraging the loyalty of Apple users and using that as an effective marketing strategy. His idea and approach to marketing gave him billions in profit.

Market research shows what clients think they want. But is it enough to think about that? Every once in a while, surprise them with a product they didn’t know they wanted — and a marketing strategy that will leave them in awe.

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