Air Duct Cleaning: Methods you can Use

Dust out from Air Duct

Air duct cleaning services have been in existence since the 1900’s. However, there have been various adjustments and changes in the technologies used, as well as the industry standards.

The recorded advancements in this industry result in the increased safety in the air duct cleaning process, as well as improved quality of the services. As such, before employing anyone for your residential air duct cleaning, Clinicair suggests that you explore the available options to find what is suitable for you.

Source Removal

This is the most mechanical and most popular method of air duct cleaning. Dust and debris can either statically cling, or stick to the interior sides of the air duct. This technique uses two ways to get rid of the dirt. These methods are mechanical agitation and extraction. Mechanical agitation loosens the dirt from the inside walls of the air ducts and the entire HVAC system, while extraction involves removal of debris to the accepted industry standards.

Point of Contact

This is rated the safest and most effective air duct cleaning method. This is because it uses an agitation device and a portable HEPA filtered vacuum which helps in simultaneous cleaning of the air ducts. This technique capitalizes on the science of velocity where the air is drawn. The high speed of the vacuum gives more room for debris lifting with the HEPA filters preventing cross-contamination

Air sweep or power vacuum

This method uses a vacuum which is powered by a PTO shaft of a functioning vehicle. The ventilation system is drawn to a vacuum, and airlines or rotary brushes are put in the vent registers to agitate debris and dust. However, the popularity of this method has slowly diminished due to increased concerns of contamination.

Accumulation of debris and dirt in your air ducts will create an unhealthy environment for everyone in your home. In most situations, the pollutants will cause respiratory conditions as well as damage to the entire building. Therefore, find the right contractor for proper duct cleaning.

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