Abetting and Treating Blood Clots During its Early Stages


Medical Check-UpBlood clots can do a lot of damage if you don’t identify and treat them accordingly. One of the most uncommon diseases connected with blood clots is the May-Thurner Syndrome, and it can cost you your life while you’re unaware of it. Here are some important information about this disease and how you should deal with it:

Don’t Ignore It

Your body will tell you when something is wrong and it may come in the form of continuous pain, bruising or swelling. If you have continuous pain that subsides every now and then but never goes away, do consult your doctor. Most of the time, blood clots are identifiable only until severe damage takes place. However, having your body checked once the pain begins can reduce the chances of extreme and lethal damage on your body.

Get a Second Opinion

Certain blood clot-related diseases like the May-Thurner disease can run in the family and could even be mistaken for heartburn. If the symptoms keep recurring despite medication and continuous check-ups, find another physician to diagnose your illness. Of course, you aren’t allowed to self-diagnose so let the doctors complete their tests and hear them out. If the symptoms remain the same, find another doctor and redo the cycle as necessary.

Don’t Give Up

People diagnosed with blood clots can still recover and live a normal life despite extensive after effects. There have been a number of medical and technological advancements to make sure that blood flow to your legs unhampered. You simply need to continue medical treatments and have your regular medical check-ups, along with your recommended diet and exercise.

Don’t forget to visit the doctor regularly. Having yourself checked only when you feel pain and discomfort are only normal but prevention is still better than cure. After all, when your health is involved, it’s always better safe than sorry.

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