3 Dental Health Care Providers with Specialized Skills


Dental Services in Newport BeachPeople have different oral health care needs and may encounter various problems with their teeth and mouth. That’s why there are different types of dental care professionals. You may visit a general dentist for minor concerns, but he or she may recommend an expert with a specialty that is required to treat major oral health problems. Here are three dental health care provider that you may encounter when you have a specific dental concern.


Family Orthodontics in Newport Beach, as well as most dental practices, focus on detecting and treating oral health care problems that involve the alignment of teeth. The most common cases include underbites and overbites, which they usually use aligners and retainers to correct. For even more extreme cases of misalignment, patients are asked to wear metal or invisible braces on a case-to-case basis. When you consult with an orthodontist, they will usually ask you to get a panoramic X-ray so they could know which treatment best suits your teeth misalignment issues.


For problems with the human dental pulp and tissues, you need to consult with a qualified endodontist. They focus on the problems related to the tooth nerve and its lymphatic tissues, fibrous tissues, nerves, arterioles, and venules. Because oral health problems concerning the tooth nerve are often serious, endodontists commonly do different types of surgeries for treatment.


Periodontists focus on problems involving the gums and oral bones. They usually detect and treat gingivitis and periodontitis (gum and bone disease). In most cases, the periodontist will need your dental records to further evaluate your case and know which treatment best suits your needs. Crown lengthening, deep pocket cleaning, tissue grafting, and dental implants are just some of the usual treatments they offer patients.

These dental health care professionals usually have additional years of education and training to safely and thoroughly conduct the services for their patients. Ask your general dentist for recommendations if ever you need to visit a dental expert with a specialized skill for your oral health care problems.

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