A Short and Sweet Checklist of Bridal Shower Essentials

girls celebrate a bachelorette party of bride

It can be plenty of fun to be placed in charge of your friend’s bridal shower, especially if you’re also the maid of honor. It’s an enjoyable event that you can put together because it’s a party to celebrate the end of her singleness and her transition into marriage. As you might imagine, there are a lot of elements that you need to pay attention to. Here’s a short but useful list that will keep you on the right track and help you make things happen.


Thinking of a theme is one of the fun parts of organizing a bridal shower. This is when you can go all out and show your wild side… responsibly, of course. You can choose to either go in the opposite direction of the marriage theme or complement it. For example, if she is having a western-style wedding, then you can all go to the mall and shop for western wedding corral boots. Afterwards, have a cowgirl party. Either way, make sure that it’s something that your friend won’t fail to appreciate.

Venue and Program

If your chosen place already has an event host and coordinator, then you have one less concern to worry about. This is a load off your chest because you can concentrate on the program itself and just have guilt-free fun. Make sure to give the event host the list of all your needs, especially when it comes to how the night or day will play out. Talk to the person in charge of the event place and event proper long before the day itself so that everything is settled early.

Guest List and Invitations

girls with balloons stand near busYou need to know whom to invite and how to send them your invitations. Make sure that the guest list won’t go beyond the room limit so that your budget won’t go overboard, either. Remember to coordinate with the bride on whom she wants to see there and whom she wants out once the list is finished. Remember that even if the event itself is a surprise, the bride-to-be is in charge of who gets to have fun with her. Aside from her wedding, this is her special day.


It’s best if the function venue you’ve picked already has their own catering, restaurant, and amenities fit for the shower. Once you’ve picked the event package best suited for your celebration, you can start preparing the seating plan and getting the non-committal guests to respond. Remember to set a fair deadline of at least a week for them to reply.

Being the organizer, arranging everything, rests mostly on your shoulders. Keep in mind that you can get advice from the bride-to-be and the other people assisting you in making this happen. Most of all, remember to have a great time because this is the beginning of something wonderful for your friend. Keep it light, keep it simple, and bring at least two pairs of extra clothing. Make sure to make more memories than regrets. After the wedding, you’ll never know when you can enjoy yourselves in the same way again.

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