How Kindergarten Learnings Affect Eyebrow Makeup Application

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The book All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum is a critically acclaimed book with a 93% rating from Google users. This book contains several essays about common things in an adult’s life that, according to Fulghum, are already taught in kindergarten.

In retrospect, we think that this principle applies to the use of cosmetics, too, particularly eyebrow makeup. Before buying that eyebrow makeup for sale online and applying it, learn how Fulghum’s kindergarten lessons can be of use.

1. Don’t take things that aren’t yours

We were taught as kids that taking things that aren’t ours is stealing and it’s bad. In cosmetics, it is not only bad but also unhygienic. For example, sharing eye makeup can cause an eye infection. Each of us holds many bacteria in our eyes; therefore, using the same eye cosmetics can aggravate the situation. It can cause a stye, pink eye, warts, and others.

Although these ailments are specific to eyelashes and eyelids, our eyebrows have their fair share of infections. The most common one is seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff.

2. Live a balanced life

Eyebrows don’t have a life per se, but balanced here refers to the color, shape, and overall look. Regarding color, the common expert advice is to choose a color one shade darker or lighter than your hair to give that balanced look. The shape must also be congruent with our face, particularly the nose.

3. Stick together

While the book refers to holding hands and staying with your peers to be safe, sticking together in eyebrow makeup means your brow hair does not go to different directions. They need to be brushed according to your desired course. Beauty experts suggest brushing it with a spoolie.

What’s more, eyebrow makeup application should also be in one direction to give the appearance that the hair is “sticking together.”

4. Things change and end

Change is indeed the only permanent thing in this world. Cliché as it may sound, but it still holds true to this day. The same goes for eyebrow trends; they change over time. A few years ago, thin eyebrows were in; therefore, women would tweeze, wax, or thread their arches to be in style. Now, the trends are about “naturally” thick eyebrows, which forces those with sparse eyebrows to fill in the gaps as naturally as possible.

To keep up, always be on the lookout for the latest craze or if you’re game and brave enough, start a trend yourself.

5. Wash your hands before you eat

Washing hands

Being hygienic by washing hands before partaking in any activity is crucial even when applying makeup. Our hands touch plenty of items in a day and some of them are dirty; therefore, sanitizing them before touching our faces is necessary. Aside from our hands, we should also keep our cosmetic tools clean, particularly the sponges and brushes.

Indeed, many things we do today have been taught since we were kids. Applying makeup is no exception.

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