Spruce Up Your Home When You Upgrade Your Fireplace


Whether you’re looking to install a new fireplace at home or already have one, adding and updating it can give your space a cozier and more welcoming vibe. Here are three ways to do it.

Installing a New Fireplace

It’s possible to install a new fireplace in your house in Utah where there is no designated area for it. Whether there is an existing chimney for an old one that is currently unused or no chimney and no fireplace installed at all, there are currently some options available to address these different installation needs.

If your home does not have a chimney, you can go for gas fireplaces. These designs come in different options, including the traditional looking wood burning fireplace — the most preferred design of those who are switching from traditional to a newer fireplace technology for their homes. As these modern fireplaces either use gas or electric, it gives you a more efficient alternative heating system. There is no masonry work required, as it does not need a chimney to expel the air from the chimney outside. It uses a direct vent technology that allows air to flow in and out of the same system, without affecting the quality of your indoor air.

These modern fireplaces can effectively keep room temperature at a comfortable level, as it doesn’t draw in the conditioned air inside your home to sustain the fire necessary for creating heat. Now you can get the same romantic look sans dust, smoke, and tedious cleaning up after every use.

Upgrading Existing Fireplace

If your home has an existing fireplace and you would like to modernize it, you can do so with plenty of designs to choose from. Many homeowners choose to do away with the old wood burning system and upgrade the fireplace to a gas or electric fireplace instead. There is very minimal construction work involved, and you can even completely close off the old chimney, as these modern fireplaces use what is called direct vent technology.

Couple by the fireplace

The air for the fire is drawn from the outside, and the combustion air is expelled outside as well. It gives you a cleaner burn and fresher indoor air. This is especially beneficial for those with sensitivity to smoke and dust. Modern fireplace technology makes it possible to enjoy a cozy fireside without worrying about coughing or sneezing due to smoke and dust inhalation.

Another benefit of upgrading your fireplace to new technology is the increase in the value of your property. Because a fireplace is a requirement for many homeowners and buyers, having one in your home puts you on the priority list of homebuyers, if you ever plan to put it out in the market. This is especially true if it’s a home with a fireplace that works using a smoke-free and low-maintenance technology.


If you’ve already upgraded your fireplace and would like to turn it into the focal point of the room, dressing it up with the right accessories is the way to go. Tile up the surround and the hearth to emphasize the area. You can also hang a nice painting above the mantel to balance the look. Decorate the mantel with accessories that add more warmth to the area, like potted plants or candles in vintage holders. You can also add a mirror above the mantel and deck it with vintage finds like books and a mantel clock.

So, whether your home wasn’t built with a fireplace or has one that uses the traditional wood-burning one, you can upgrade it, given the options that are available today. A fireplace can surely spruce up the look of your space and lend it tons of that warm, cozy appeal. Get in touch with the pros for fitting and upgrade advice. You can never go wrong with this home improvement. It’s something you’ll be happy about for a very long time.

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