6 Helpful Tips for Purchasing Land

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Owning land is the major step to building your dream house, commercial property and even industrial facility. Yet, purchasing land and building property isn’t a straightforward thing. There are potential hurdles all along. If you are contemplating purchasing land, you need to know the dos and don’ts. Here’s a practical guide to help you.

Enlist a Real Estate Agent

You will likely get a suitable parcel of land in Australia if you work with a reliable real estate agent. Such land agents have the knowledge and an eye for the best pieces of land. They will also offer you invaluable advice derived from the many years of experience buying and selling properties. In the end, you get a lot in a prime location at a better deal. Make sure to always work with the best real estate agents.

Survey the Neighborhood

If you intend to purchase land and then build a home, you must know the values of nearby homes. While vacant land provides endless possibilities of customising your home, without the proper valuation, you will struggle to get a financer. A lender may be hesitant to finance a house valued at a higher price compared to the market value of homes in the same area. Furthermore, you may encounter problems re-selling such a house in the future.

Look for the Right Amenities

When looking for land for sale in Truganina, do not forget to check for nearby amenities. Find out if there are any schools, parks and health centres around. Pinpoint whether there is access to power, water and even road access.

Be aware of Zoning Laws

Before investing in a lot, it’s important to understand an area’s zoning laws. Never build a home without knowing the zoning laws. Land cannot be rezoned from industrial or agricultural to residential overnight.

You risk being stuck with an unusable land if you fail to adhere to these laws. Worse, significant loses await if you had already commenced with your building project. For landowners who are in such trouble, the way forward is to apply for a rezoning. But the relevant authorities can also decline such a rezoning request.

Consider an Environmental Test

Vacant, unused land could be covering up several potential hazards. There are high probabilities that the soil might be polluted. The land in question might also have been once a landfill, stockyard, a gas station or a disposal area.

Environmental tests unearth such hazards. They save you from investing in an area with poor soils or frequent flooding. After such tests, you rest easy knowing that you will be developing your home in a safe environment.

Watch out for Natural Hazards

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A mistake that you should avoid when buying land is settling for a piece without investigating the geographical position of the said land. Despite how appealing or affordable an estate is, it might be in an area that has unstable soil or erodible soil or is prone to wildfires or earthquakes. Investing in such a place will undoubtedly pose a safety threat to you.

When it comes to land buying, take your time in deciding the best piece. The above tips should guide you.

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