Survival Prepping: 10 Bug-Out Vehicles That Will Save Your Life When SHTF

off road vehicle

Right now, the world is being threatened by a global pandemic of epic proportions. No, it’s not a zombie apocalypse but it might as well have been one.

The deadly novel coronavirus sickness, better known as COVID-19, has spread throughout the entire world in just a matter of weeks. The Earth has seen nothing like it. No country was ever prepared for it. We were all taken by surprise by this virus which broke out first in Wuhan, China.

Cities have been locked down and kept under quarantine. Nations’ economies are dropping. People are staying indoors to prevent the further spread of the virus.

During situations like this, one can only help but think if they are prepared enough for the worst-case scenarios. Do they have enough supplies to last them weeks? Are they prepared to leave town and go off-grid in case things turn from bad to worse? Do they have access to suitable end-times, apocalyptic means of transportation?

Preppers have debated about which bug-out vehicles are ideal for SHTF situations. From their list of vehicles, we came up with our own top 10 list.

10 Bug-Out Vehicles Perfect for Surviving the Apocalypse

1. All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Despite its size and lack of protection from the elements, an ATV makes for a great survival vehicle that can take you anywhere across any obstacle.

2. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUVs give you a good carry capacity and decent off-road capabilities. Most SUVs can traverse any terrain which makes it an ideal vehicle if you need to go off-road.

3. Jeep Wrangler

Despite its limited carrying capacity, this vehicle is unrivaled when it comes to off-road capability, able to reach places most vehicles can’t, especially if yourJeep Wrangler drive shaft is in great condition.

4. EarthRoamer XV-LT

Perhaps one of the coolest vehicles on this list, the EarthRoamer is a fully-loaded Ford Super Duty F-550 with a truck bed camper attached to it. Make no mistake, though. This is not just a customized vehicle. This would probably be James Bond’s survival vehicle if he ever had one.

5. Pick-Up Truck

A pick-up truck is another great survival vehicle as its bed allows you to carry huge loads of equipment and supplies or attach a camper shell or trailer for bigger space. It’s more affordable, too, compared to the other vehicles on this list.

6. Blue Water Sailboat

Since two-thirds of the planet is made up of water, having a sailboat on this list makes perfect sense. This sailboat was designed with the harsh conditions of the open seas in mind.

7. Mountain Bike

mountain bike

Never underestimate the modern mountain bike. It’s strong, lightweight, can go almost anywhere, and is small enough to attach to any of the other but-out vehicles.

8. The Knight XV

While it might be a bit extreme, the Knight XV is highly effective in urban high threat environments with all of its security features. The only downside to this beast is its expensive price tag.

9. The Campa EVS

The manufacturers of the Campa EVS (Expeditionary Vehicle System) had in mind emergency survival scenarios when they rigged this beauty with its outstanding features.

10. M35 Deuce and a Half

To round the list up, there’s nothing like having a good old deuce and a half at your side when SHTF. They’re tough as nails and aren’t as expensive as the others on this list.

Ultimately, no matter which vehicle you have, if your body is not functioning properly, all the prepping in the world won’t save you. So take good care of your health. Get enough rest, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and boost your immune system.

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