11 Essential Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

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You can never be too prepared for an emergency. Whether it’s a flat tire or a malfunctioning headlight, it always pays off to have something in your car to fix the problem. That said, here are the most essential things you should have in your vehicle at all times:

1. Spare light parts

Driving with a broken light is not only dangerous–but it’s also illegal in most places. Regardless if you have regular lights or emergency LED lights for volunteer firefighters, having spare light parts can save you from a sticky situation, especially if you are going for a long drive.

2. First aid kit

Never leave your house without a first aid kit in your car. There are pre-assembled emergency kits available in drug stores, but you can also assemble one on your own.

3. Tool kit

Even if you don’t know your way with cars, it’s important to have a basic tool kit in your truck. But then again, it helps tremendously if you learn the basic car repair methods.

4. Jumper cables

Having dead batteries is a nightmare, especially if your car dies in the middle of a highway. Fortunately, a pair of jumper cables can get your car up and running again in no time. So, always make sure to have a pair in your trunk.

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5. Flashlight

Keep a high-quality flashlight with extra batteries in your glove compartment in case you need to look underneath the hood or under your car in low light.

6. Off-road lights

As for an essential item you should have on your car, off-road lights are the first thing that comes to mind. If you find yourself driving through a thick fog or heavy rain, having off-road lights can give you enough illumination to supplement your stock lights.

7. Food and water

You never know when you find yourself in a traffic jam or broken down in the middle of nowhere. In case you get hungry or thirsty, having emergency food and water in the car can be a lifesaver.

8. Spare tire

Keep a spare tire in your trunk and the tools needed to install it when needed. More importantly, learn how to change a flat tire with a new one.

9. Emergency blanket

If your car breaks down during winter, an emergency blanket can keep you warm until help arrives. In worst-case scenarios, it can be the only thing standing between you and hypothermia.

10. Clothes

Store a set of clothes in your trunk in case you get wet, soil yourself, spill something on your clothes, or get too cold. Make sure your spare set of clothes is appropriate for the weather, too.

11. Portable charger

Have a fully-charged portable charger in your car so that you can charge your phone anywhere you go, especially during emergencies.

These items are just some of the things you need for an emergency, but having them in your car should keep you safe and comfortable in most situations. Now that you know what you need, don’t ever leave the house without them in your car.

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