Is it Time to Remove a Tree from Your Property Yet?

Man trimming the tree

The impact of trees — fresh air, shade, habitat for birds, among others — on a property is unmatched. However, trees have a lifespan like any other living thing. Once they complete their lifespan, there is no use of them in your property. The longer the tree stays on a property, the greater the risk it poses to a property and those around it. In such a case, it is important to consult tree care experts for tree removal services. These experts employ safe tree removal procedures while protecting all the belongings in a property. Besides tree removal, tree care experts in Utah offer other services, which include tree trimming and pruning. But how do you know that you need to remove a tree?

Hollow Trunk

A tree whose trunk is hollow can fall at any time and is a great risk. Such a tree may appear healthy despite its hollowness inside. It is essential to note that support tissues for a tree are on the outside part of a tree. Therefore, a tree with a hollow trunk is structurally unstable and ought to be removed.

A Leaning Tree

Some trees tend to lean as they grow. Nevertheless, if you notice a tree that is leaning suddenly, the tree may be weak and in the process of dying. The tree could lean due to weak roots and may fall any minute. A tree care professional should consider the leaning and determine if it can be corrected. If the leaning cannot be corrected, the tree care expert will recommend tree removal.

Damage to Property

When a tree and or its parts — the leaves, needles, or sap — begin to impact damage to a property, it would be better to remove it. For instance, sap could stain cars and ruin auto paint. When sap falls on a house’s roof, mildew will begin to grow in a few days and eventually ruin the entire roof.

trees at the park

Growths on the Tree

If you notice any growth on the branches or the trunk of a tree, the tree is infected. The growth could be fungi or any other plant, and it ruins the health of a tree. The growth could also attract pests and diseases and cause further tree damage.

Dead Branches

Any sign of dead leaves, dead branches, and cracked bark indicates that the tree is unhealthy. Dead branches can fall on people or property. After removing the branches, a tree expert should inspect the tree’s structure to determine if it is structurally strong and healthy.

As a property owner, it is in your best interest that the trees in your property be in excellent health. Once you notice one or more than one of the signs in your tree, be sure to call a tree care expert. Often, you may not notice any of the signs, but a tree inspection report will highlight these issues. Good thing, tree care experts offer services that range from trimming to removal. First, they will inspect the tree then recommend the best service for your situation.

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