Signs You Need to Have Your Car Checked

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There is nothing more inconvenient than experiencing a car breakdown while on your way to an important meeting. This will cause unnecessary delays and additional expenses for towing. It is also possible that such a breakdown could have been caused by an issue that started out small. Some of these issues include clunking noises in your auto transmission, higher than normal engine temperature, and many more.

The problem with such minuscule car issues is that most car owners tend to ignore them until it is too late. In terms of cost, it may have been cheaper to fix at that time when the issue was still small. That is why you need to have your car looked at by an expert mechanic before as soon as possible.

The Engine is Warmer Than Usual

This is one of the most visible signs that your car is having some trouble. Try this little experiment. Start your car drive it around for about an hour or two. Park it in a safe spot and put your hand on the hood while the engine is running. You must be able to let your hand stay in the same area for ten seconds without burning it. If you feel a burning sensation after about 8 seconds with the gauge showing normal temperature, something is wrong. You should have it checked by a mechanic at your nearest auto repair center. There’s no need to worry, as many auto repair shops around the country can check and fix your car.

Clunking Noise in the Transmission


Another common issue in cars is clunking noises in their transmission. Clunking noises can manifest in either manual or auto transmission vehicles. In both cases, these noises tell you something is definitely wrong. This issue might have been caused by low or old transmission fluid, faulty sensors, and many other things. Take your car to the right auto shop and have it checked.

If you live in Utah, for instance, have it looked into by a mechanic at an auto transmission repair center in Salt Lake City and other areas. Ignoring the clunking noises might lead to bigger problems and costly repairs, not to mention unnecessary inconveniences. For all you know, the issue may be immediately fixed by a simple change of transmission fluid. This will help you avoid ill-timed breakdowns that can cause you to miss important events or meetings.

Unusual or Excessive Vibrations

When the car is running, it is normal to experience slight vibrations. Such may be caused by the unevenness of the road. When vibrations become excessive, however, there might be some problems with your tires. Uneven tire wear, damaged tires, or worn-out tires may be the culprit. Then again, it could also be caused by a worn driveline universal joint or U-joint in the case of rear-wheel-drive trucks. It is best to have a mechanic look at the issue to find out what exactly is causing it. Having it inspected earlier could help you avoid accidents that may be caused by such an issue.

Avoid untimely car breakdowns by keeping an eye on the performance of your car and have it checked once you notice some peculiar behaviors. Expert mechanics can help you identify the issues and fix them.

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