A Grand Entrance: Make Your Entryway Look the Right Way

Long foyer with wooden barn doors into living room

When it comes to interior design decisions, it isn’t uncommon for many homeowners to put all their energy in designer the areas that occupy larger spaces. Get quality windows and doors for your Sudbury home, as well as stylish kitchen cabinets and accent walls that make a statement – these are commonly on top of their lists.

One of the areas that often get neglected is the entryway, which is unfortunate, considering how it’s actually one of the most important. The entryway is where you welcome all your guests – one of the first areas in your home they get to see.

Sometimes it’s the only area they get to see. As such, it’s essential to make a good first impression. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can turn this tiny space into something that will leave everyone impressed. And it’s going to take a lot more than just a simple welcome mat.

Here are some useful ideas on how to turn your entryway into a more interesting space.

Draw all the attention towards higher spaces

While it’s true that your entryway is only a small portion of your entire home, it’s still a space that will reflect your taste and personal style. Even if you have limited wall and ceiling space in this area, make the most out of them by adding some visual interest.

Add a small chandelier on the ceiling, paint the walls with some bold, unconventional color, or hang some photo frames that come in unusual shapes and colors for more personality. Build a small where you can showcase some souvenir pieces you collected during your travels.

If you have interesting photographs and art prints that didn’t make it on your living room, here’s another area you can explore as well.

Keep it well-lit

Smaller homes mean smaller entryways. As such, the lack of available light in this area can be a common issue. But, even if you don’t have big windows or any huge light source in your entryway, you can put mirrors. This is to magnify your primary source of light, whether it’s a lamp or a small bulb.

This simple design trick is highly effective in bringing in more light to any areas at home. Here’s another hack: make sure the mirror is angled directly across the light source. This is so there would be more natural brightness in the area that will not only make it look more alive but also more spacious.

Pick up some textured runners

Foyer in luxury home with curved staircase and view into dining room

To create a more welcoming vibe in the entryway, most homeowners turn to area rugs for that nice touch. However, you can step it up a notch by getting textured runners instead. Not only do these draw people’s attention, but having one will allow you to visually lengthen your walls for that illusion of a larger entryway.

Be bold with your color choice for more impact and stretch out a red patterned one across your available space.

As the landing place for everyone who goes into your house, your entryway is prone to getting easily cluttered. Make sure that everything in this area has a specific place.

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