3 Ways to Maximise Efficiency in Hospital Emergency Departments


An emergency vehicle flashing its lights The emergency department in hospitals is often the busiest. It serves as a place for critical treatments and surgeries that could save lives. Optimum productivity and efficiency are important to serve patients in the best way possible.

Here are some ways to improve the operational efficiency of your ER and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction:

1. Pimp out your emergency vehicles

In order to provide fast, high-quality emergency services, consider getting an emergency vehicle fit out service in Australia. This will ensure that your emergency vehicles are well equipped with the right tools to provide emergency treatment to patients. MFI Service Bodies says when everything you need is on board, you can do your job better and save more lives.

2. Hire a hospitalist

Long waits in the emergency room can cause big problems in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience, patient care and customer satisfaction. A hospitalist can help reduce the waiting time in emergency rooms by getting patients admitted faster. With an efficient workflow, the staff will be able to maximise the number of patients they can treat in the ER before getting them admitted to private rooms.

3. Improve communication channels

Communication is one of the key factors that make hospital workflow efficient. To improve the workflow, you need to find roadblocks that cause the delay among patients. You can get feedback from the clinicians, staff and patients to see where the bottlenecks are and try to reduce or eliminate the delays.

Could it be because of lack of adequate staff members or lack of delegation? Hiring a hospitalist can improve patient care and satisfaction because of the fast and personalised service. A hospitalist acts as the middleman between the doctors and the patients. He or she can definitely improve the communication.

If your organisation’s ER is often suffering from delays, consider these tips to improve operational efficiency. Remember, customer satisfaction is highly important in healthcare and you need to improve services consistently to achieve your goals and fulfil your mission.

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