3 Reasons Some Children are Scared of the Dentist


Girl from Walsall Aftraid of the DentistSome children grow up fearing the face beneath the white mask. Yes, they fear the dentist. But, there are reasons for all these and knowing what these reasons are will also help you avoid them.

Have you seen mothers who effortlessly bring their kids to the dental clinic, and they come out with their children laughing? If you feel some bit of envy because your kid always tries to find some reason why you should not bring him to the dentist, then take a look at some reasons why this is happening. Once you know them, you will know what to do.

Lack of Familiarity

Parents suggest that if you do not want your kid to be scared of the dentist, then you must bring him to the dental clinic while he is still small. In short, start young. Some even suggest this should be done while the child is still in his toddler years. That way, when he grows a bit older and starts to make sense of his environment, a trip to a Walsall dentist will be common. When this is practised, fear will no longer set in even if it would be his turn to sit in the dental chair.

No Proper Explanation

A child’s parents play a great role in easing the fears of the dentist. When parents do not stress how important it is that the teeth and gums are healthy, or that the dentist is a friend rather than a foe, chaos may erupt. WebMD suggests that parents should try to inform the kid what to expect without going into the details and avoiding words like “hurt, shot and pain.” Makes sure these magic words are not spoken or else you and your kid will not make it even through the front door on the scheduled dental visit.

Bringing Kids to an Adult’s Dental Visit

Think about this. You are scheduled for a root canal and since your friend could not accompany you, it was your 5-year-old daughter whom you brought along. Can you just imagine the harrowing experience she would have while waiting for you? Just think of the things that were going on in her head while she hears the whirring sound of the dental equipment. So do not ever attempt to bring your kids to your own dental appointment. It could only spell disaster.

These are some of the main reasons why some kids develop a fear of the dentist. Do not worry because such can be avoided. Again, just like what Parents.com suggested, start young. Bring your children to the dental clinic while they are still young. As they grow older, a trip to the dentist will be as easy as one, two and three.

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