3 Major Missteps to Moving Gun Safes Painlessly


Gun SafeRelocating a gun safe is never an easy feat. The risk of moving a large and hefty strong cabinet is always high because a single mishap could easily injure someone or damage your property. Taking utmost caution is imperative to say the very least.

This doesn’t mean, however, it’s impossible to transfer it from point A to B without any fuss. Sure, it’s a Herculean task, but you can significantly lower the risk and effort needed if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, lightspeeddelivery.com points out, if you never moved anything weighing more than 500 pounds in your life before, you’d most likely commit careless mistakes along the way that might compromise your safe’s integrity.

Things are bound to turn out the wrong way if you:

Badly Plan Exit Strategy

First and foremost, you must keep in mind the path where you’d move your gun safe. Without thinking two steps ahead, relocating such a bulky object is a lot more problematic. Tight corridors, tricky corners, and flights of stairs are only some of the unavoidable challenges you might face along the way.

Severely Miscalculate Its Weight

You’re a big guy, and so as the three helpers you found are about your size, so there’s no way a regular-looking gun safe would be difficult to move, right?

Well, safes are sometimes deceivingly light. At first, you might think you can carry it all the way to the second or third floor, but it’s only a matter of time before its weight becomes heavier and heavier. Especially if you used no specialty tool, like a dolly, accidents are likely to occur when someone’s arms give out in the middle of the move.

Stingily Refrain from Hiring Pros

Most people that decide to transfer a gun safe with friends or hire inexperienced individuals are merely cutting costs.

If you seriously think hiring professionals for moving a large safe is an unnecessary expense, wait until an accident happens, the fall completely jeopardizes the reliability of your study storage and you’d be forced to buy a new one and spend a huge amount otherwise you could’ve avoided.

A successful safe relocation doesn’t just happen; it’s carefully thought beforehand. Unless you take the time to realistically evaluate every aspect of the move, an unexpected challenge would put everybody — and the safe — in harm’s way.

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