3 Creative Gifts to Make a Birthday Celebrant Smile

a birthday cake

Having a friend whose birthday is coming up? The dread and stress become more real, as the day nears. Many questions concerning the gift may pop, too. You may have an idea at some point, but you will then have this impression if that is enough. Then you look at them, and they seemingly have almost everything.

Don’t worry, though. There should be enough leeway for some creativity. If you are looking to be unusual when it comes to your birthday gift, this guide is for you. Here are some of the items that may make you a stand out or make you look the better friend:

A Video Greeting from Their Crush

Is your friend head over heels for someone? If you happen to know that someone, why not ask them to give your friend a video greeting? It may be revealed that your friend has a crush on them, but that will be fun. But first, gauge the possible reaction of your friend regarding such revelation. If it is possible, why not get the video greeting of their favourite celebrity?

An Unusual Cake

If you want their cake to be a bit different this year, you can always have it customised. Write a funny message on it. You can even have a wacky picture of them on it, or surprise them with your cake by getting the ice cream variant. This should not be much of a problem, as there are many stores that offer custom cake designs online.

A Plant Set

Do you see your friend as a nourishing person? You can gift them a plant set. It is usually a box of seeds or seedlings with a manual on how you can grow a specific plant. You can surprise them by taking away the name of the plant and let them discover it as the plant grows.

These are just some of the fun and creative gift ideas for your friend on their birthday. Just know your limitations, okay?

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