Why You Should Think Twice Before Getting Your Tongue Pierced

Tongue Piercing

Tongue PiercingSome do it as a form of rebellion, others as expression, while still others just like it because it’s fashionable. Putting a lot of metal piercings all over the body is just one of the many things you’ll see in today’s teens.

Some say that a reason they put this is to express their emotions. If you’re deciding whether or not to get your tongue or lip pierced, it’s better to think about it several times. While it’s a popular medium of self-expression, metal piercings in your mouth can cause several health conditions you’ll regret later.

Obstruction in Oral Surgeries

At some point in your life, oral problems may arise. You are then going to need a specific manner of oral surgery, either simple or complex. The practitioners from Dr. Greg Roberts also say that piercings can disrupt oral surgeries. Some apparatuses may get in contact with it, which can instigate worse problems.

Not Safe for the Health

No legitimate practitioner will put a tongue piercing on you. That’s why you’ll probably go to someone else. These individuals, however, may not have formal education regarding sanitation and sterilization, putting your oral health at great risk of infection from the metal rings.

Cause of Chipped Teeth

Having a tongue ring can make you form a habit of biting it, either intentionally or accidentally. Biting on a solid material such as metal can chip your teeth, though. A study conducted in 2002 support this claim, saying that almost 47% of teenagers with tongue piercings for at least four years have chipped teeth.

Cause of Gum Recession

In that same study, researchers also found that another common problem that can occur is gum recession. As the metal piercing would almost always get in contact with the gums, it rubs across the surface. If you’ve had the tongue ring for many years, it will have caused some damage on your gums over time.

You may see that getting your tongue pierced can make you look cool. You’re also getting yourself closer to danger, however, as metal materials are great carriers of bacteria. It’s wise to think twice.

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