Why Gummy Vitamins Shouldn’t Be A Child’s Best Friend

Dentist Teaching a Young Girl How To Properly Brush Her Teeth

For most parents, encouraging the kids to take vitamins is a struggle. They’re not big fans of chalky tablets; they can pretend to take the tablet or throw a tantrum to avoid taking one.

No one, not even your kids, want to turn a simple vitamin intake into a stressful time. So it’s only natural to look for alternatives, which you may find in the form of chewy gummy vitamins. These soft somewhat sweet pieces allow kids to willingly take their medicine.

An article from Parents.com, however, encourages parents to think twice about this easier alternative.

Deceptive Sweetness

Gummy vitamins seem like the sweeter way to get the medicine down. But that’s the problem: the sugar.

Natalie Muth, M.D., RDN, co-author of “The Picky Eater Project” told PARENTS that gummy vitamins have higher sugar levels in comparison to regular vitamins. According to her, two gummies equal a teaspoon of added sugar. Considering the less than six-teaspoon daily limit for children, that’s a lot.

Some of these chewable vitamins also look and taste like candy. The sweet taste may tempt kids to consume more than necessary, resulting in iron overdose and cavities.

Cases of Rotten Teeth

Most gummy vitamins can increase your child’s risk for tooth decay; if there is too much decay and restoration is not an option, an extraction is best to maintain oral health, says Redwood Pediatric Dentistry.

The sticky consistency of these gummies makes them latch on to the teeth longer than regular chewable vitamins. Gummies can stick in between teeth longer, especially if kids do not brush their teeth. Prolonged presence then gives the sugar more time to develop cavities. If this happens weekly, cavities will ruin the teeth, eventually requiring fillings from a dentist.

The Better Alternative

These gummies are fun supplements for kids who don’t like medicine, but it’s not the best solution. Instead of giving kids gummy vitamins, dentists recommend chewable vitamin tablets. It’s not sticky and it is also healthier. Children may not like this less sweet option, but it helps to remind them of the consequences of rotten teeth.

Gummy vitamins may help encourage your kids to take their vitamins. But consider the better alternative. You’ll ensure your kids’ oral and overall health, minimizing the need to take more medicine than necessary.

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