Why Fit Alloy Wheels on Your Car


Alloy WheelFitting an alloy wheel is an easy way to look cool, but there is more to it as you get a number of advantages over a steel wheel; let’s take a look at them. The first thing you need to remember is that it is important for you to consult an expert on the matter before you make any modifications to your standard car. You need to do this as there are both pluses and minuses for everything you do. The first advantage of fitting an alloy wheel is that it is cheaper than a steel wheel. In fact, some manufacturers offer alloy wheels as a factory option.

Advantage Alloy Wheels

Fuchs dealers like Fuchfelge USA say that while alloy wheels add to the good looks of your car, it also has the advantage of having larger gaps between the spokes, which allows for better air flow and heat dissipation under braking. This helps to keep the brakes cool and adds to the longevity of the braking system. In addition to that alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels and therefore there is less weight rotating around the hub. This offers the advantage of longer life span of the entire suspension. Since it also cuts the weight of everything connected to the wheel, viz., the tire, brakes, bearing etc., it also offers better road holding.

Allow Wheel Compromise?

Given these advantages, you need to keep a few things in mind when fitting alloy wheels. You will get awesome looks with low profile tires fitted to a large wheel. But this comes at the expense of comfort. You are better off retaining the original tire and wheel size. On the other hand, you can always opt for plus sizing. For instance, you can fit a 14 inch wheel with 185/70R14 on car with 13 inch wheels carrying a 175/80R13 tire. In other words, you can increase the wheel diameter by 1 inch and compensate it with a 10mm wider section and lower the tire aspect ratio by one.

It’s best to know the pros and cons before making the decision of what alloy wheels to fit on your vehicle. Always evaluate your primary need before purchasing.

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