What to Look for When Purchasing Folding Doors

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Folding doors prove to be an effective way to bring air and light into a home while opening the home to the exterior environment. The preference for these doors among many homeowners has made both suppliers and contractors embrace the trend. These doors come in a variety of choices such as ceiling-mounted doors, and it can be quite hard to choose. Choosing the right type of door will impact the value of your home, so you should make a wise choice. Here are useful pointers on choosing the right door for you:

Thermal Value

The concern for energy consumption has become a global issue. More homeowners are conscious of the energy consumption in their homes. The doors and windows in a home ought to be energy-efficient to prevent the loss of heat. Usually, the U-factor tells of the energy efficiency of doors and windows. A lower number indicates a higher energy efficiency. Therefore, it is important to consider the U-factor when buying a door for a home.


Folding doors tend to be a bit complex than other types of doors. That means that these doors have a higher chance of malfunction. You want to buy doors that will serve you for many years to come. The sure way to test for a door’s reliability is to operate the door while in the showroom. The door should operate in smoothly and quietly to show that it is a reliable option.


Under normal conditions, folding doors prove to be stronger than other types of doors. Due to their large surface area, the outside force becomes proportional to the surface area. If the area within your home has adverse weather conditions, you will need to be sure that the door can handle that much pressure. Pressure testing on door systems reveals their strength capabilities. Also, there are local requirements that dictate the pressure rating for doors to ensure safety.


Manufacturers create folding doors using high precision. Nevertheless, the walls in your home could be imperfect. As a result, it is advisable to purchase doors that allow for adjustments—both lateral and vertical. The adjustments capability allows homeowners to fit the doors perfectly in their homes. Over time, you can keep readjusting the system for smooth operation.


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With the multiple door panels, it can be a challenge to deal with the rattling sound. Not only is the sound irritating, but it may also cause door parts to lose their grip and cause poor door acoustic performance. Sealing the spaces within the door system minimises the noises and improves the acoustic performance of the door.

Folding doors are large, and they come with different mounting options. The common mounting options include wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted doors. The doors have more glass panels and end up costing more than sliding doors. That makes the cost of the doors to be higher than other types of doors. Making the right choice of door system from a reliable supplier will see that you get the most out of your investment.

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