What to Do for Your CT Scan Procedure


nurse preparing man for CT scanIf you are nervous about your Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan, you should try to learn more about the process to remove your anxiety. A CT Scan functions like an X-Ray, but it uses computer imaging programs to scan your body from various angles. These images are taken as cross-sectional layers and allow doctors to see the area from different angles.

Why You Need a CT Scan

A CT Scan is required for a patient who may have suffered internal injuries, find tumors and aneurysms, or help physicians and surgeons plan a surgery.

They are also used to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatments, such as radiation therapies. Here are some things you can do physically and mentally to prepare yourself for your CT Scan.

Preparations for a CT Scan

You will be asked by your doctor to fast for a few of hours. You cannot take any food or water 2 to 4 hours before entering the CT Scan Machine.  You will receive an injection of iodinated contrast material so the CT Scan can properly see your blood vessels and organs.

This chemical works as a luminescent liquid flowing through your body. For some people, it can be painful. The iodinated contrast material is often injected, or taken as a drink, or as an enema.

CT Scans: The Start of the Process

CT Scans are large machines. You need to lie down and relax as you enter the CT Scan machine. You need to remove all metal accessories when you start the procedure.

Inside, you will see the detectors and the X-ray tube rotate around you. You need to remain still throughout the process so the scanned images will be more accurate.

It’s always important to listen to your doctor and nurses when they talk to you about the procedure. It will help you calm down and help your physicians observe what needs to be seen in your CT Scan images.

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