What is search engine optimisation and do I need it?

Seo works

With technological advances changing the landscape of the marketing world, it is no wonder that businesses are finding it hard to keep up. With new social media platforms emerging and becoming more popular, such as TikTok that now has over 2.5 billion instals, which began in 2016, for example, it is little wonder that the world of marketing is changing rapidly and business owners don’t always have the ability to keep up with the times. If you have a dental practice, you may be wondering how your website can compete on a search engine results list; if it isn’t on page 1, will it ever get seen? Dental SEO (search engine optimisation) is just part of what a marketing company can offer to ensure that your business still succeeds in reaching new patients both digitally and through conversions into patients on record. While this may appear like a mountain that is too high to climb to the layperson, for a marketing mogul, this is just a regular day in the office and a short walk around the metaphorical block – you can put your hiking boots away.

How does search engine optimisation work?

Have you ever looked at Google Ads and thought: ‘Why does that company need to pay to appear at the top of the results page? They can’t be very good!’? Even if you haven’t, plenty of people have. Around 94% of search traffic goes to organic results rather than paid ads, so it may not be worth investing in this method of getting your website seen. This is why marketing companies are skilled in organically growing the prominence of businesses’ websites. They can do this through creating content for a company’s website that links with the keywords that are most associated with the business and are searched for on Google. This requires regular monitoring of the keywords through Google Analytics, adapting the content of the website as required to ensure that it is always relevant to the market and what is being searched for in that business field.

Alongside this, a marketing company can also ensure that blog articles are produced regularly, containing keywords that people search for on Google. These can then be linked to your website to increase the number of people landing on your page and increasing your presence on the search engine results pages. Keeping content relevant to keyword trends requires constant production of copy, something that you probably don’t have time to do yourself, so enlisting the services of a marketing company is certainly a wise investment.

Why should I worry about Google?

Google dominates over 90% of the searches made in Australia, so if you’re looking for new patients to find you online, you need to be visible on Google’s results pages, otherwise you could end up having very few visitors to your page.

Find out more

Booking in for a consultation with a marketing company is a great way to find out more about how they can help you and your dental practice to thrive. Make sure that you see what they recommend for a marketing strategy and discuss times-scales for how long they envisage these results to be achieved, so you can monitor their efficiency; they should be giving you monthly reports about what they have achieved to enable you to do this with ease. There’s really no point in going with a marketing company that could get you to the top of the results list in 2032, after all! With the right marketing strategy, however, you should realise the importance of SEO marketing to growing your business and helping you to thrive as a dental practice. Make sure you keep up!

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