What is orthodontics?


Orthhodontics Weybridge is a form of teeth-straightening. Various treatments can be offered to ensure that the teeth can be straightened. Patients can benefit from early treatment to take hold of issues before they even arise. Interceptive treatment can also be offered to take care of any problems that appear over time.

Many different kinds of people of different ages should be able to seek the treatment that they need to straighten out their smiles. The different forms of teeth-straightening that could be offered include Clarity, Damon or the use of an Essix Retainer. Functional Appliances can also be used to straighten one’s smile. Then there are other treatments such as Gemini, Incognito and Invisalign that can straighten a smile in an efficient and timely manner. Mouthguards and removable appliances can also be used, and there is also the cutting-edge treatment of a six-month smile offered. Patients who have these treatments completed could also benefit from the use of a retainer to make sure that their new smile stays in place. You should consider reading on to see why you should consider this treatment as well as how your chosen treatment could potentially work.

Why should I consider these treatments?

There are many reasons why a patient who wishes to straighten their smile may want to consider seeking orthodontics to assist them in doing so. A straightened smile can make people feel good about their appearance since aligned teeth can boost their confidence and they may begin to smile more often again. A straightened smile is also an automatically healthier one as it is much easier to clean and keep healthy given the straight teeth. Those who have had this treatment in the past have been very happy with the outcome of their treatment.

Patients should consider this treatment if they wish to take the leap into making their smile beautiful again, and they will be encouraged to work with their dentist to determine the correct course of action for their smiles. If a variation of this treatment sounds like something you could benefit from, then you should consider reading onto the next section to see how some of these treatment options could work.

How do these treatments work?

There are lots of different options for patients to consider when they want to straighten their teeth. Many of the treatments work in similar ways as they coax the teeth into the correct position. These treatments can be used to remedy a series of overbites, underbites and other dental misalignments. Some treatments use clear aligners and some use brackets that can be secured behind the teeth.dentist

Treatments have been designed to allow every set of teeth to be straightened. It is in the patients’ best interests to work with their dentist to determine the right treatment for their unique smile. Patients are encouraged to set up an appointment with their dentist at their earliest convenience to get their teeth into top condition. Patients can have a look at their provider’s website to see what treatment options could apply to them and their case.

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