Singapore Travel Tips: A Terrific Destination for Solo Women


Traveling alone is a life-changing experience. When given a chance, everyone should explore an unfamiliar place on their own because it gives you freedom, makes you more self-reliant, pushes you out of your comfort zone, boosts your self-confidence, and leads to self-discovery. You not only come home with gorgeous photos and fantastic stories but also become a brand new and better person.

However, as a woman, it can be dangerous going to another country, where you do not know anyone, on your own. Traveling solo already presents certain safety risks. Being a woman alone in a foreign land can be intimidating and scary.

There are places around the world that are more welcoming of female solo travelers. Singapore is one of them.

What You Need to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a small city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia. On its northern side is Malaysia. Meanwhile, Indonesia is located in the south. It is also close to Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines, which makes traveling between countries easier. In fact, many people make Singapore a springing board to the rest of Southeast Asia. They land at Changi Airport, the best and one of the biggest aviation hubs in the region, from another part of the world.

The five million-strong population of the nation is quite diverse. It has not just one official language, but four. According to its constitution, the official languages of Singapore are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English. However, because it is a popular destination for foreign workers, you likely will encounter people and communities speaking their own languages. There are almost 1.2 million foreign workers in Singapore as of June 2021.

Singapore has its own currency: the Singapore dollar (SGD).

One of the Safest in the World

Singapore is the perfect destination for those traveling solo for the first time. You can walk around the city in the middle of the night, even if you do not know where you are going to, without fear that you will get maimed.

That is because Singapore has a low crime rate, even when compared to other developed nations. In 2016, the city-state reported 135 days without crimes, including theft and robbery. It is safe that small businesses do not worry about shoplifting and only take minimum precautions against break-ins.

But, even as a tourist, there is little danger of being targeted by people with ill-intent. There are thousands of surveillance cameras all around the nation that monitor suspicious activities. Of course, you still need to be careful and be observant of your surroundings at all times. There is no place in the world that is entirely crime-free.

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No Fear in Getting Lost

If you start to lose your way in a foreign city, it is natural to be worried and afraid. However, in Singapore, getting lost would not be a problem.

The entire island nation has a well-developed public transportation system. You can take the train, bus, or cab from any point of the country and toward any location in the city. You would not have to worry that you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere, unable to return to your lodging because there is no mass transit vehicle running. There is always a way to get around Singapore, even in the middle of the night.

Moreover, getting lost in Singapore is one way to get to know the country on a deeper level. Because SMRT makes sure that each bus and train is comfortable and safe, you can wander confidently and with ease.

There Is a Lot to See

Singapore may be small compared to its neighbors in Southeast Asia, but it has so much to offer to visitors.

The country has jaw-dropping modern architecture such as the Jewel Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay, and the Helix Bridge. However, structures from the past are perfectly preserved, like the Sultan Mosque built in 1984 by the first sultan of Singapore and the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore dedicated to Goddess Kali. There is also the National Gallery that housed the former Supreme Court and City Hall.

There is also both city life and nature. You can walk by beaches and tropical forests, shop, and party all night in the nation’s many malls and clubs.

Moreover, there is a large variety of cuisines across the island. Singapore, because of its multicultural population, the food is quite diverse. You will see local cuisine, of course, but some restaurants also offer food from around the world. Tourists will have access to authentic Chinese, Indian, Malay, Vietnamese, and Thai food, as well as renowned fast-food chains from the United States. You can have a gastronomic adventure in one country.

Solo travel is increasingly becoming popular because of its benefits, but many women are still afraid to take their backpacks and explore a foreign country on their own. Certain risks come with being a single woman alone abroad. Singapore is one of the best countries for female solo travelers because there are plenty of activities to do and sights to see. It is also safe and easy to navigate.

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