What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth and What are the Treatment Options?


Impacted Wisdom Tooth Treatment Options in BoiseWisdom teeth are those back teeth that come through last in your early 20s or in your late teens. They are normally four, two in the lower jaw and two in the upper jaw. However, some people have no wisdom tooth, while others have less than four. In some cases, a wisdom tooth comes through and pushes into a tooth beside it or through the gum.

This is called impaction and one is said to have impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth can be painful as it lacks enough space on the gum line to fit correctly.

What problems does impacted wisdom tooth bring?

When your jaw lacks enough room to accommodate another set of teeth, it can stop the teeth from coming through. This can make it difficult to brush and even floss. Bacteria and food particles can get stuck in between the wisdom teeth. This can lead to gum infections and tooth decay.

Additionally, crowded teeth rub against your cheek and may cause chewing problems. Mouth ulcers may also develop as a result. A person’s bite may also be affected when the teeth are pushed against each other.

What are the symptoms of an infection?

People with an impacted wisdom tooth will experience fever, pain swelling, inflamed gums near the wisdom tooth and sore lymph glands. Other symptoms include pus coming from the gums and difficulty in swallowing and chewing,

What are the treatment options?

Infections that occur as a result of wisdom teeth can be treated with antibiotics. For problematic wisdom teeth, a dentist may recommend the removal. Before a dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, it’s important to undergo an x-ray of your mouth to better view the position of your teeth.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

You can still get to retain your wisdom teeth if they are impacted and not causing any problems. Nevertheless, some wisdom teeth can become impacted and lead to other dental problems such as the build-up of plaque, which can lead to an abscess, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth are best treated early. Visit your dentist if you experience pain in your gums. Your dentist will check to see of the tooth is problematic or not and recommend the right course of action.

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