Washing the Dishes: How You Can Get Organized

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Modern conveniences in the form of home appliances have allowed us to queue in and automate labor-intensive tasks during the day, which leaves you room for more activities. You can have a washing machine clean your clothes while you catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite show. If this did not exist, you might have a hard time getting yourself motivated to do some handwashing, and you might end up hiring someone to do that for you.

Another task that many seem to want to avoid is washing the dishes. There is a machine that can perform this task, but if that goes down, you need to contact someone who can perform dishwasher repair in Bountiful. So until then, you have to clean those with your own hands. You can ask your housemates or family members to help out, and hopefully, they would oblige. But seeing how undesirable it is to some, you might want to plan out and organize how you would go about washing your dishes while you wait for your dishwasher to be fixed.

Wash Often

One thing that puts off people in washing dishes is seeing a pile of them on the sink. Imagine all those bits and pieces of food, then mix that with some unrecognizable substance. You now have the recipe for a job no one wants to do. But if you only have a small pile sitting there, it will be pretty manageable. Cleaning a few pieces of plates and utensils is an easier job than having to do a whole rack’s worth of stuff. In a perfect world, this is what you can do.

If you have cooperative housemates, you can distribute the task so that a different person is doing the dishes each day. Framing it into a more positive light, it means that each person needs to clean the dishes only once a week. They should clean only a fraction of the total number that you do in a week. But if that is not feasible and you want to take the lead, or maybe you have kids who do not know much about this, you need to plan it out for yourself. If you want to work on as few dishes as possible, your best choice is to do it more often.

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Do Not Skimp on the Soap

Plates and utensils, of course, are the main vessels and tools, respectively, of your food. That is why you have to be careful and detailed on how clean they should be. It is okay to be extra cautious about this, as bacteria and other unseen particles are all over the place, and you need to make sure you are well-protected against them.

That is why you do not skimp on the soap that you are using. That is both for quality and quantity. Get the best one even if it means you spend more and use it liberally. Do not be content if you think it is not bubbly enough or if the results are not satisfactory. If you need to, repeat the washing. In this aspect, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Go from Big to Small

You might think that this is about washing your own dishes, but it is a task that you and your family’s health are dependent on. It is best to take it seriously to make sure that you are doing everything right. To make this task have more structure, you can try this strategy, which should work well if you have too many dishes piled up.

Start with the largest items; doing this has a psychological benefit. When you start with these, it will give you the impression that the most challenging ones have been cleared. In managing space, doing this allows you to have an optimized stacking system. Doing the larger items first lets you stack the smaller ones on top of them. You can allocate more time and focus on the washing part when you do this because you will spend less time worrying about losing space on the counter.

Washing dishes is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. If you are that someone, you know that you need to do whatever it takes to get the job done easier and faster. All you need is a little planning and a lot of patience.

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