Miss the Salon? Try These 3 Hair Care Ideas at Home


Do you know that the role of hair in society is important? Back in 2004, Rose Weitz, a sociologist of the Arizona State University, even made a study about it.

It is vital for many people, especially for women, since it’s one of the first things people notice. Others’ opinions on how we look also matter. Most of all, when a person feels good about themselves, they seem to experience a better mood.

Going to the salon, though, may be off the table these days. Due to the pandemic, everyone needs to practice social distancing. How can men and women take care of their hair? Here are a few ideas:

1. Invest in a Good Pair of Scissors

The look and feel of a set of hair stylist tools may already give a person the illusion that they’re about to have a salon-like experience. This is even if they’re only trying to get a trim or create fringes.

Great scissors are also sharp and may provide excellent grip. These are essential now as many don’t have enough experience with hair styling or even trimming.

For the look that they want, they can get inspiration online. They can go to YouTube for dozens of tutorials or check out Pinterest how-tos and photos.

2. Use Coconut Oil

One of the best products for hair is coconut oil. In a 2019 study, this product may help fight fungi that may cause itchiness and scalp irritation. Other types of research note how it could decrease protein loss of the hair. In the process, the person is less likely to experience hair loss and damage.

Coconut oil can also give the hair some beautiful shine. It can also be a primary ingredient for a DIY hair spa. One may place a dollop of the oil on a bowl and heat it in the microwave. Once the heat is tolerable, they can apply it into their hair and scalp and cover the head with a shower cap for at least 30 minutes.

As a bonus, the person may also apply coconut oil on their skin. It prevents dryness by trapping the skin’s moisture.

3. Drop Some Essential Oils on Hair Care Products

Many types of essential oils are fantastic for the hair. One of these is lavender, which has antimicrobial properties. Like coconut oil, it may reduce flaking, itchiness, and dandruff.

Meanwhile, a 2016 study in Toxicological Research revealed that this essential oil promoted hair growth in mice. Although the scientists used animals, it may mean that lavender can help fight against hair loss and hair thinning.

As an aromatherapy oil, lavender may also induce relaxation and calmness. Smelling it may help decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Essential oils

One may add lavender to their hair care products. These include their brushes or combs, shampoos, and soaps. They may also apply a small amount to their scalp. (Test it on the wrist first to see if it causes an allergic reaction.)

For those who can’t get lavender oil, they can consider other types of essential oils. These include:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Argan oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Cedarwood oil
  • Rosemary oil

These days, many things seem out of control. Men and women, though, can take charge of how they look and feel. These self-hair-care tips can go a long way in alleviating one’s mood during these difficult times.

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