Tools That Greatly Help Keep Your Fans and Air Conditioners Clean

HVAC Maintenance

All living spaces should have a level of comfort satisfactory to all walks of life. Whether that be a bedroom in a house or an office space, it should have proper ventilation to maintain good temperatures. You can seek the help of experts in HVAC in Salt Lake City, Utah if you find that your place is in need of an overhaul in this subject. They are professionals who are skilled in the installation and repair of equipment such as exhaust fans and various air-conditioning units. Even though these are often rated as heavy-duty, they still break down and need maintenance once in a while.

Back at home, you usually have consumer-grade items. Your fans and air conditioners are examples of these. You will find that they have different components than their industrial counterparts. That is okay because the manufacturers have figured out use-case scenarios on a residential level. The components are rated to be used fewer times, and this also makes them affordable. But it is understandable if you want to get the most out of your money for these pieces of equipment. So it is just right for you to think about how you can extend their lives. Here are some tools that you can use for their maintenance:


The paintbrush in question here should not be the type used in art projects. Use one that is made to apply wall paint. This means that its bristles should be thicker and stiffer. This is an effective tool for clearing thick dust caught up in the grills of a fan or the radiator of your air conditioner. The small size allows you to go to tight corners to make sure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned. Dust piles up easily and can block vents that can lead to overheating.

Air Compressor

Air conditioners have a part called the condenser coil, which is located on the external side of it. This has copper coils that run in an S-shape across aluminum fins. The surface area can be a haven for dust and other debris. Over time, you may see some dirt accumulation that is really hard to remove. You can use an air compressor to do a quick job of cleaning these out. You will cover a lot of ground just by running across those fins.

Pressurized Water

Pressurized Water

If you want to rinse the condenser coil, just pouring water over it will not cut it. The aluminum fins are dense and hard, and you might not get water in between them. You can do better with using a scrub, but that still cannot go deep enough those tiny and narrow crevices. The best way to clean that is by using pressurized water. The speed by which the water droplets travel should be enough to even pass through the fins. You can use this in conjunction with the air compressor. You can do initial cleaning with the latter, and you can break down and soften stubborn dirt stuck on the surface. That should drop off more easily after a few passes.

Keeping your fans or air conditioners healthy at all times is important. Without them, you may experience extreme discomfort during the summer months. Take care of them, and they will keep you comfortable.

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