Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

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First-time business owners may overlook the essential aspects of their commercial property even though these contribute directly to daily operations. One of them is the plumbing system. After all, you don’t really appreciate your plumbing system until something goes wrong, do you? And when that happens, your business may have to put important processes on hold.

If you’re a new business owner in the Indianapolis or Cincinnati areas, make sure you have preventive maintenance plans in place to minimize repair visits.

Regular Plumbing Inspection

Letting an expert plumber inspect your pipes now and then will save you money in the long run. Schedule plumbing maintenance checks every couple of months or so even when there’s nothing explicitly wrong with the pipes. Professional commercial plumbing services check parts of your system that your regular staff may not be qualified to inspect. Skilled, trained, and licensed plumbers can address most plumbing problems, including ones that puzzle you.

Keeping Sinks and Drains Unclogged

Beyond the regular inspection, there are things you can do within your company. One is to check the drainage system and sinks by observing how fast the water drains. If water does not flow as quickly, you may use a drain cleaner. If this doesn’t work, then you need to call a professional plumber.

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Regular Water Pressure Checks

If your commercial property has showers, it’s best to check the water pressure as often as possible.  If you have weak water pressure, your Yelp rating can go down faster than the shower water.

To check water pressure, invest in a simple pressure gauge. Find a shower that works well and measure its water pressure. Then measure the water pressure of all the shower facilities in your property and compare the results. Do this regularly and call in plumbing services if the pressure drops. Some professional plumbers may include this in their scheduled maintenance activities.

Stopping Leaks, No Matter How Small

A leaky faucet might seem like a minor issue, but leaks are all bad, whether it’s a small drip or a gushing pipe. A small leak will almost always turn into large ones if they’re not fixed early on. It is also usually indicative of a bigger, more serious problem in your plumbing.

If you notice a leaky faucet or showerhead, you can do a bit of maintenance on your own by tightening them. However, if it doesn’t work, don’t wait for things to get worse. Call your local commercial plumbing service immediately.

Putting up your first business is always an exciting thing. Your mind may be focused on running the show daily, launching marketing campaigns, starting customer service programs, or balancing the books. Still, don’t forget little things like maintaining your plumbing. These tips will help you prevent a potential operational crisis.

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