The Surprising Health Benefits Veneers Have on Teeth and Gums

a dentist explaining denta results with a patient

Many people, up to now, still think that all cosmetic dental procedures only have a single purpose: to make smiles more beautiful. The truth is, this is just one part of the equation. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved so much over the years that it now has medical and health benefits too.

One of the most popular treatments under this particular type of dentistry is the application of veneers. As long as you make certain that you choose a licensed and highly qualified cosmetic dentist in Tampa, FL to carry out the procedure, you can enjoy not just a more beautiful smile, but also the following benefits:

Keeping your teeth in their proper locations

In an ideal setting, the teeth should sit as close to each other. However, many people have gapped teeth, something that occurs either at birth or over time. This is where an often overlooked (and even lesser-known) benefit of dental veneers comes into play: it helps prevent the teeth from moving because of the spaces between them.

A cosmetic dentist can apply veneers to correct this issue, making your teeth bigger (yet still naturally-looking). This increase in size helps minimize or even eliminates the gap between your teeth. You don’t want your teeth to move out of their proper locations, not only because it can create an unappealing smile, but also because it can affect your bite.

Excessive teeth wearing

It’s normal for the teeth to wear over time, seeing as you use them multiple times a day. However, there are many situations wherein the wearing doesn’t occur naturally. Veneers help prevent premature and excessive wearing of the enamel – the hard layer of tissue covering the teeth. Always keep in mind that this damage doesn’t just occur due to age, but also because of many other reasons, such as your oral hygiene and habits, diet, and even genetics.

With a correctly applied veneer, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of your teeth sustaining damages such as chips, cracks, and decays. Ultimately, this protects you from losing your teeth and suffering from gum diseases.

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