The Straightforward Truth: 3 Reasons to Treat Crooked Teeth

Lower jaw with crooked teeth

Most people are unbothered by crooked teeth. In fact, some are even proud of this imperfection. It’s good to have a positive self-image — unshaken by looks and appearance, but the case of misaligned teeth isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It could seriously affect your physical well-being. Here’s why you should bother having crooked teeth treated:

It protects the tooth enamel.

Malocclusion can contribute to the wearing down of the enamel, the protective layer of the tooth. This happens because people who have misaligned teeth are prone to two enamel-destroying habits: bruxism (teeth grinding) and incorrect chewing. These mannerisms could also chip teeth, which could send you to the emergency dentists’ chair.

Often, patients who have crooked teeth don’t know that they have the teeth grinding habit, as it usually happens during sleep. At the same time, they’re not aware that they’re putting a strain on their mouth and jaws when eating food. This is the reason you should consult a dentist to know exactly the state of your oral health.

It prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

It’s simply difficult to brush crooked teeth, as everything’s all over the place. You may have experienced this yourself. When you’re not able to get rid of food residue trapped in corners of your mouth, as Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists and other dentists explain, you run the risk of developing tooth decays and gum diseases.

Once you get these problems, it could lead to other oral health issues like tooth loss. Before you even endure that sharp pain in the middle of the night, go to a dental clinic. Braces are the most common treatments for crooked teeth and the type you’ll be getting would depend on your health condition and preferences.

It could save you from heart disease.

How can a problem in the mouth be a problem of the heart? As mentioned, crooked teeth could cause gum disease. According to researchers, people who suffer from periodontal disease are more likely to develop heart complications.

The link is bacteria and inflammation. The gums are filled with blood vessels, which means when there’s a presence of bacteria in them, they can affect the bloodstream and cause inflammation in other parts of the body, including blood vessels in the heart. If you want to protect your heart, protect your oral health as well.

Who knew that an unsightly problem would cause serious effects in the body? Don’t underestimate the “simple” crooked teeth. Consult your dentist today.

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