A typical dental implant story

Dental Care and Dental Implants

Dental Care and Dental ImplantsAlthough we all like to be treated as individuals, it is still comforting to read about other people’s experiences in order to prepare for something similar. When it comes to dental implants in St John’s Wood, there are some aspects that are common to the stories of many patients. When someone first starts to explore the possibility of tooth replacement, they can gain hope, reassurance and even excitement from the success stories of other patients even if those tales include brief adversities that are overcome by dentist and patient working together.

It’s always advisable to go to the professional source of information for dental implants in St John’s Wood. A dentist with plenty of experience, like Aura Dental, will be able to talk their patients through a typical experience whilst also tailoring their advice to suit the circumstances that they observe during initial consultation. The latter is always the first step in the process and unique patient plans are developed from this.

The role of the jawbone

In every circumstance, the jawbone plays a role in the fitting of dental implants in St John’s Wood. Typically, a patient will have their jawbone assessed during their first appointment. This might include scans and x-rays. If they have the right density to support their chosen form of dental implants, they can go ahead to the next stage of the process. If they do not, the dentist might suggest a procedure such as a bone graft to rectify the problem.


Fitting is a carefully planned but relatively simple process for the patient. It is done under local anaesthetic and should take no more than a few hours. Most patients report that fitting dental implants in St John’s Wood is a comfortable process. Once the anaesthetic wears off there can be some soreness which is to be expected after minor surgery, but this is mild to moderate for many people and easy to alleviate with over-the-counter painkillers.


Perhaps one of the most important phases of the dental implant process is recovery. During this time, patients eat a limited diet and take rest as advised by their dentist. This is to allow the area to heal and secure the dental implants.

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