Prevention teamwork with the dentist in SW14

Dental Care and Dental Implants

Everyone knows that it is far better to prevent a problem than to deal with it once it has appeared. Modern dentistry focuses on preventing disease and decay and other mouth disorders, but the dentist in SW14 can only do so much of the work. Having a mouth in good working order is teamwork and most of the work needs to be done by the owner of the mouth.

If the mouth was a car, the owner would clean it regularly, fill it with petrol, check the oil and water, if necessary, and every few thousand miles, take it in for a service. Mouths are the same. The patient does the cleaning and flossing and the dentist in SW14, perhaps Sheen Dental, carries out bi-annual check-ups and additional servicing work.


Most people need to see the dentist in SW14 for a check-up every 6 months. Some people, such as smokers, people with diabetes and pregnant women may need more frequent check-ups. During a check-up, the dentist is looking for signs of dental decay, gum disease, wear and tear on the teeth, and also that any fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants or other prosthetics are in good working order.

Having regular check-ups is vital because decay, gum disease and, indeed, mouth cancers are not easily detected by the patient until they are advanced. Caught early, they are easily treated. Left until later, and treatment is more invasive. With gum disease and decay, it may even result in tooth loss.


Most dental problems stem from the acids given off by bacterial plaque, which builds up in the mouth. It needs to be removed, which is why people brush their teeth, but a deep clean twice a year by the dental hygienist will get rid of all the hardened plaque (calculus, or tartar) that has built up in hard to reach places.

Hygienists can also offer advice on dental equipment and brushing techniques.


Children are most at risk of tooth decay, so the dentist in SW14 has special treatments to help prevent it. Fluoride hardens enamel and fissure sealants protect teeth.

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